Building Company Morale
Building Company Morale
April 27, 2018
Farthest Reaches of Portable Sanitation
INFOGRAPHIC: Farthest Reaches of Portable Sanitation
April 27, 2018
Are Dash Cams Worth the Investment

As dash cams grow in importance across all industries, those in the portable sanitation industry are taking note. According to insurance experts, the dash cam is one of the best risk-management tools a business can use. One minor mishap can damage more than business assets or client’s property. It often results in lost time and drawn-out insurance claims, followed by increased insurance rates and negative customer relations.

A dash cam is a reliable witness, even for a solo operator, which is why several industry leaders feel that all vehicles, from your pumper truck to transport truck, should have them installed. The relatively small investment helps protect every aspect of your business, from assets to employees.

Protects Company and Drivers

Proving your company’s innocence in a mishap may appear easy enough, but unless you have a reliable witness, it becomes a “he said, she said” scenario, pitting PROs against customers or members of the public. The damages may be minor, yet can result in hundreds of hours in lost time. Whether you are on the road or at a client site, dash cams provide accurate data to show what occurred before, during, and after the incident, providing your employees and business with an ‘eyewitness’ which will lessen downtime. Dash cams are used in insurance claims and widely accepted in the courts, making them a great investment to protect both your employees and your business.

Helps with Insurance

Those in the portable restroom business initially look to dash cams as a way to lower their insurance costs but often find that in addition to lower rates, their claims are processed much more efficiently. Discounts for property, liability, and worker’s compensation coverage may be offered through your insurance company. Some PROs report discounts up to 10% for company-wide usage.

The benefits go beyond just saving on premiums. Should an incident occur, having a dash cam may mean quicker processing of insurance claims, because it offers a solid witness to what took place. Video footage makes the most reliable witness. Quicker claims processing means you can get repairs completed and get back on the job right away. The cams also help prevent no-fault verdicts, which are common when fault is not obvious and no witness is available. This alone can save a company thousands, as no-fault accidents result in the total bill being split among involved parties.

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Options for All Budgets

With dash cam use on the rise, prices are dropping. You can purchase dash cams from $80-200 each. You can use these cameras alone or enroll in a monthly service plan to manage data. The monthly service can cost $15-20 per month up to $60 per month, per truck. The investment may seem steep for a company that has never experienced an accident, but considering that one accident can cost you thousands in lost time, lost equipment, and lost business – it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Using dash cams for your portable restroom business results in fewer problems, less fraud, and accurate reporting. They prevent major losses to businesses, assets, and drivers by providing a witness to events. Dash cams save you the headaches of dealing with ongoing insurance claims and hiring expert witnesses and legal services by providing an accurate and reliable account of what occurred. Whether you are looking to protect your company against expensive insurance claims or improve driving behavior of employees, dash cams offer a unique way to cover all your bases with one simple device.


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