How to Close the Generation Gap Between Workers

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How to Close the Generation Gap Between Workers

Businesses that want to thrive in the portable restroom rental industry must be mindful of an aspect of internal operations which can be found in nearly every industry — closing the generation gap between employees. Many businesses in the portable restroom rental industry are either long-standing, family-owned businesses or new startups from eager business owners.

Employees who fall into various age brackets bring the potential to influence and move a business in creative and efficient ways. However, there are distinct differences between the younger Millennial generation and the older Gen-Xers or Baby Boomers.

This article will explore ways to close the generation gap between workers to improve communication, cooperation and synergy within a business.

Offer Mentorship in the Workplace

Bridging the gap between generations can impact the productivity of a group. For instance, technology is a hang-up for some employees. When seasoned employees are used to using time cards or manual clock-in/clock-out mechanisms and receiving paper checks, the idea of a digital time card or direct deposit may seem overwhelming.

An effective solution is to provide employees with mentor programs. Employees who are tech-savvy can provide support and assistance to other employees who aren’t used to certain technologies. Examples would be having an employee help a coworker learn how to use software for tracking portable toilet deliveries or clock in and out using digital time cards. Using this method, you can ensure everyone on your team is able to perform everyday tasks that involve technology like programming GPS coordinates or updating and organizing contacts in a cell phone.

Provide Clear Communication to the Team

Promoting collaboration and teamwork through clear, concise communication can be a game-changer in a work culture. When relaying information to a group, you are setting the bar evenly — expectations are balanced. Individual tasks and projects are great, but creating a team-building project or event can bridge the generational gap while getting valuable work done.

In a group dynamic, cross-generational projects give each individual employee a new perspective on how to tackle the task at hand. Create goals for the business and use each perspective on how to reach that goal using individual strengths and group coaching. A long-time employee might know how to provide the best service for a certain event in peak season. A younger employee may be able to coordinate the effort better using a digital map. Combining the knowledge of both a younger and long-time employee is crucial to the success of your business.

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Play to Individual Strengths and Be Straightforward with Job Perks

Management should always be straightforward with what a job entails for a new hire. Whether the employee is 20 or 45, be absolutely clear on what the job expectations are and what perks lie in the industry. The portable restroom rental industry is no exception.

Being an independent serviceman or woman is a lot of work, but many service technicians agree that the freedom of being an independent employee is very liberating — an aspect that we’ve noticed is very important to the younger generation. Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, independent technicians are working hard in all types of weather, engaging face to face with customers and receiving fair compensation for their labor. Being a service technician is a job that is quite satisfying because you can see your hard work pay off quickly — clean toilets mean happy customers!


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