Dealing with Difficult Customers
Dealing with Difficult Customers
October 7, 2019
How to Manage Customers During Emergencies & Disasters
How to Manage Customers During Emergencies & Disasters
October 14, 2019
What to Do with Retired Units
Photo courtesy of Scott Coy

There comes a time when a unit is no longer fit for purpose and must be put into ‘retirement.’ It may be damaged beyond repair, not functioning properly, or it just doesn’t look good enough to keep renting out to customers.

If you’ve decided a unit needs to be taken out of circulation but you’re wondering what to do with it now, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are just some of the things you can do with a retired unit:

What to Do with Retired Units 2
Photo courtesy of Scott Coy

Responsible Options

  • Recycle It: Find a local recycling plant that takes heavy-duty plastics that will recycle your unit for you.
  • Bring It to the Dump: If you can’t find the above, bring it to the dump and ask them to dispose of it for you.
  • Donate It: A charity or non-profit organization might make use of a portable toilet. Ask around and see if there’s any interest in taking it off your hands.
  • Salvage Parts: You can always break down your units and use the good parts as spares for your other units. PROs regularly do this to save money and wastage.
  • Personal Use: If the unit is still functional, you or someone you know might want it for personal use, like out their backyard, in a workshop, etc.

Fun Options

  • Shop Decoration: If you’re retiring an old unit that’s still in decent shape, why not keep it around the shop? The unit can become a talking point, an advertisement for your business, and also a mascot! Dress it up for different holidays to put a smile on your customers’ and employees’ faces.
  • Artwork: We’ve seen units reinvented as interesting pieces of modern art. See if any local artists want it, or why not have a go yourself at transforming it into artwork?
  • Parade Float: Retired units are great for promoting your business at local events. Use it as part of a parade float and watch it take on a new life as a runway model. Just make sure it still looks good – on the outside at least!

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Unconventional Options

  • Hunting Blind: Of all the unconventional uses for a portable restroom that we’ve listed here, the hunting blind is one of the most unique. Incorporate a window or two, deck it out in camouflage, and you’ve got yourself a hunting blind!
  • Football Drill Equipment: It might be a long shot, but if it’s good enough for the Kansas City Chiefs, perhaps your local football team could use your units for training! The Chiefs made headlines back in 2010 with their unusual decision to use porta-potties to help them catch more footballs. Check it out here.

These are just some of the great things you can do with a retired unit. If you’ve got other ideas that are wild, unusual, or just plain smart, we’d love to hear them. Post them in the comments section below.

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