Vaccine Rollout: When Do US Pumpers Get a Shot?

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Vaccine Rollout When Do US Pumpers Get a Shot

Whether you’re anxious for a shot or willing to wait, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout unquestionably affects your business. However, how quickly you can get the shot depends on several factors and varies by location.

To ensure accurate and timely information, it’s essential to get details from reputable sources. Protect yourself, clients, employees, and their families by sharing the following information and resources.

Vaccine Availability Timeline

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gives federal, state, and local governments recommendations about prioritizing vaccinations. States then decide how to define phases, who gets vaccinated in each stage, and how vaccinations occur.

In most cases, portable restroom operators and employees fall into the Phase 1c classification, categorized as “other essential workers.” The designation includes public works and infrastructure support services and consists of people who remove, store, and dispose of residential, industrial, and commercial solid and hazardous waste.

Once healthcare workers, long-term facility residents, frontline workers, and people 75 and older are vaccinated, Phase 1c begins. Depending on vaccine ability, states may choose to distribute the shot to people aged 65 to 74 and those 16 and over with underlying conditions before other essential workers.

Check out your state health department website to see how your state categorizes portable restroom operators and employees. From there, your local health department may provide further information regarding vaccination distribution.

COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Sign-Up for a Shot

With limited availability expected for the next few months, it’s important to sign up in multiple places. Local health departments are creating lists of people in different groups. Many departments use social media to disseminate information, so follow them on Facebook and sign up for the list when you qualify.

Local stores and pharmacies also are receiving vaccination doses. Make a list of all potential distributors in your area, then check their websites for more information. You may need to create an account with the pharmacy or store to get on a list.

Furthermore, if you provide flu vaccinations for your crew, ask your flu shot provider, as they may offer COVID-19 services as well.

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Vaccinations for Your Workforce

Your employees likely have many questions and concerns about the vaccine. Since it benefits your business to get staff vaccinated, informing your team and helping them schedule an appointment is to your advantage.

Don’t wait until the vaccine rolls out to the general population. Instead, provide information about the pre-existing conditions covered by your state. Although you can’t ask if a team member has a pre-existing condition, you can send the information home with staff and allow them to make a decision based on their health status.

The CDC provides a vaccine toolkit to help get information out to employees. Use the resources to fight disinformation and vaccine myths while encouraging staff to sign up. Vaccine fact sheets can help your team make an informed decision.

Consider speaking with your company’s healthcare provider. They should give additional resources about how and where to get vaccinated. Most importantly, let your staff know that there is no charge for the vaccine, but pharmacies or medical groups may bill your insurance company for the administration of the shot. Plus, provide the recommended time off work, paid if possible, for those receiving a vaccine.

Vaccine Rollout: Next Steps

As a PRO, keeping your customers and employees safe is a big responsibility. By giving your employees information about the vaccine and partnering with your health insurance company and local health department, you can help your teams get vaccinated.

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