Increase the Appeal of Your Restroom Trailers
Increase the Appeal of Your Restroom Trailers
July 11, 2018
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How to Respond to a Customer Who Doesn’t Think You Cleaned Units as Scheduled
July 16, 2018
Understanding the Costs of Purchasing Units

Every portable restroom operator updates their inventory. Whether you’re replacing mismatched portable restroom units or starting fresh, this budget decision impacts your future income. Make the most of this significant purchase by understanding the costs of purchasing units that are durable, easy to repair, use interchangeable accessories, and offer the highest lifetime value.

Choose Sturdy, Easy-to-Maintain Units

Quality portable restroom units function and look good in the field for decades. However, even the best porta-potty needs repairs after the standard warranty ends. Part of the cost of purchasing units comes from the durability of the portable toilet and ease of finding and replacing worn parts 15 years down the road.

Dependable equipment requires less maintenance and time spent on repairs. If you need to replace a deteriorated skid or update a side panel a decade out, then you need a reliable manufacturer. When calculating the initial cost of your portable restroom unit, consider the long-term value of purchasing from a trusted company. Saving time on buying replacement parts and repairing units balances out a higher initial price.

Consider Extra Features

Don’t discount the value of adding features after your initial purchase. Even if you’re not ready to buy the extras, like shelving or interior lighting, choosing a portable restroom with interchangeable parts prepares you for future upgrades. Manufacturers, like PolyJohn, offer flexibility to update your units as your company grows. Many features can be added later, such as handwashing stations, cup holders, and coat hooks.

Determine What Role Your Location Plays

Physical placement and weather conditions affect your purchasing decision, including the size of your portable restroom unit. Equipment along a busy highway takes a different type of abuse than those used in backyard weddings. A sturdy unit built to withstand a highway construction site fares better over time, while offering the PRO flexibility in placement.

Colder climates or harsher weather means your portable restroom unit will take a beating. PROs prefer porta-potties that are easy to winterize and ones that keep their appearance over their lifetime. However, don’t forget about interior size. In colder areas, a larger interior space provides comfort and added value to your customers, many of which are wearing bulky coats. Look for standard restrooms with larger interior sizes.

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Factor in Taxes and Shipping

A good chunk of your budgeted costs for units goes to high fuel surcharges and taxes. When comparing prices, take into account the manufacturer’s local tax rate and shipping charges.

The ELD mandate, a driver shortage, and weather conditions affect current shipping costs. Companies that anticipated the mandate and aligned their workforce before it went into effect can work with you to secure the best shipping rates for your area. Depending on where your portable restroom manufacturer is located, it’s advantageous to look at differences in taxes when choosing new inventory. A lower tax rate could balance a higher shipping cost.

Purchase Units with a Long Lifetime Value

Purchasing a porta-potty that breaks down in five years results in less income than buying a unit that lasts decades. When it comes time to retire or sell your company, having quality assets with higher valuation increases your profit. Going with durable equipment provides a more significant gain over the lifetime of the portable restroom unit, including a future sale of equipment or company.

Experts in the portable restroom industry understand the issues PROs face when buying new inventory. Those who are starting up their business may need multiple units and want to stretch their money as far as it’ll go. Factor your location and interior size of the unit into your price. Check on availability of replacement parts and interchangeable accessories, then add tax rates and shipping into the cost of purchasing units. A quality portable restroom unit provides income for decades and holds its value as an asset, so it’s worth it to understand the costs that determine the price per unit.


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