States of Emergency How to Respond and Assist
States of Emergency: How to Respond and Assist
January 7, 2019
Ways to Prepare for Potential Industry Downturns
Ways to Prepare for Potential Industry Downturns
January 14, 2019
Tasks to Keep You Busy During the Slow Season

During the first few days of the slow season, it feels like a relief and an opportunity to catch your breath. However, the novelty of downtime soon wears off. You’ll find your to-do list growing as you add tasks related to your portable restroom operations, sales, equipment, and administration. Be prepared for the busy season by planning out your slow time for max productivity.

Review Your Finances and Strategy, Delegate the Rest

As a PRO, it’s essential to use your slow period to look at your finances and marketing strategy. You’ll want to have an idea of where you stand financially, so you can determine how many new units you’ll purchase, how many parts you’ll add to the inventory, and what you’ll spend on marketing. In a sense, preparing your financial and strategic outlook helps you focus your slow time task list. While you’re busy working on the details, delegate administrative work that’ll set your portable restroom business up for success in the new year.

  • Locate and fix any discrepancies on paper and digital customer and product files.
  • Update any apps or programs you use.
  • Verify staff information for personnel files.
  • Complete inventory reports as your maintenance team finishes projects.
  • Review previous and current customer lists for marketing ideas and potential outreach.

Repair and Maintain Your Equipment

From graffiti on the inside of portable restroom units to broken accessories, the slow time is perfect for fixing everything laying around your shop. Before you can successfully delegate tasks, you’ll need to know what needs repairing and what replacement parts you have on hand. Use your inventory maintenance reports and a physical walk-through to prioritize your list. Then, help your team by providing them with weekly goals for completion. For example, you may want to save a full unit refurbishment until last and focus on getting a few units with quick fixes done in a day or two.

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Take Inventory and Stock Up on Portable Restroom Supplies

Although PROs use the same parts and supplies on a daily basis, your inventory reports provide extra insight into what to expect during the upcoming busy season. Get a head start on a successful year, by checking your current stock and having a plan for building up your inventory.

  • Complete a physical inventory and adjust your reports accordingly.
  • Make a note of any unexpected increases or decreases in stock.
  • If you’ve switched products, consider writing off any out-of-date supplies or inventory that’s gone unused over the past year.

Once you’ve gone over the data, balance your financial review with your sales expectations. Use this information to create a plan for purchasing parts and new portable restroom units.

More portable restroom operators find that the slow season isn’t as quiet as it once was. Between business diversification and digital marketing that never takes a break, having a comprehensive to-do list is crucial. Get a handle on your operations, sales, and equipment by prioritizing your tasks during the slow season. Focusing on your priorities prepares your portable restroom business for the rush of work headed your way.

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