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How to Refurbish a Standard Unit

Whether you treat problems as they arise or wait until the quiet season and fix them all in one go, refurbishing your units is a great way to ensure they live longer lives. Many portable restroom operators prefer the former, patching up their units as needed, year-round. Others use the fall to refurbish their toilets. This is because most of the inventory is back from job sites, and employees are freer to put in some repair and maintenance shifts.

Whichever you choose, if you see your units coming in with cracked screens or graffitied walls, don’t rush to toss them all out. Experts in the industry testify that when you refurbish it can help your units last a whole lot longer, as well as save a great deal of money.

We are big believers in the power of revamping. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best tips and practices to refurbish your units.

Do a Thorough Review of Your Units

Some PROs like to completely dismantle their units during the slow season and give them a thorough cleaning. While this isn’t always necessary, the bonus with this technique is that you get to see exactly where problems lie.

A unit might seem in bad shape when it’s hauled back to the yard, but through inspecting it closely you might come to find that it’s just a little water damage or a couple of components that are out of shape.

It’s much more effective to fix these minor problems than to go and buy a whole new unit.

Remember That an Accessory Can Be Replaced

To revamp your unit, first look at the accessories. Sometimes, simply replacing these can mean your unit is as good as new again.

From toilet paper dispensers to sticker decals, replacing a worn accessory can give your unit a new lease on life.

Contact your manufacturer for any replacement accessories and make your unit look brand new again.

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This Goes for Main Components, Too

Your manufacturer will also be able to help if any of the unit’s main components need replacing, so don’t fret if an entire wall is damaged or the floor has a dent in it – it won’t always mean the death of your unit.

Taking apart the unit and replacing the broken component is easier than it sounds. Manufacturers like PolyJohn have assembly videos on their website and on YouTube to assist you in putting your unit back together. Utilize these tutorials and save money by buying only the parts you need.

Discoloration and Graffiti Damage

Do your best to remove any graffiti you find using our expert tips. For any scratches or marks left behind, or for any discoloration that has occurred during the busy season, you can use a heat gun or torch to repair the plastic. Just be careful not to burn the unit and you should find that the original color and texture returns.

When properly looked after, portable restroom units have a long shelf life. Getting to know yours inside and out means you’ll be able to revamp, refurbish, and replace parts as you go. You’ll also be giving your staff valuable knowledge and skills, and it will keep you on top of your inventory!


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