Best Process to Clean a Porta-Potty
INFOGRAPHIC: Best Process to Clean a Porta-Potty
August 1, 2017
Proper Billing Procedures
Proper Billing Procedures
August 2, 2017
Pros & Cons of Routing Software

We all love the ease that comes with software programs, GPS, project management software and financial applications. For business owners, most software for routing, bookkeeping and scheduling are beneficial because they create more room for creative exploration with other avenues, and less time is spent on mundane checklists.

Portable toilet software and restroom rental software aim to integrate QuickBooks-compatible and Excel-compatible sheets with mobile and desktop software in order to service businesses in the portable restroom rental industry. Although the service is meant to create ease and flow within the business, the software can at times create a misalignment with how a programmer interprets the needs of a business versus what the needs actually are.

This article explores the pros and cons associated with routing manually versus using software. As with many businesses, the decision is ultimately yours!

Pros of Routing Software

As mentioned, software for routing in the portable restroom rental industry gives the business owner and technicians less to focus on when it comes to finer details. Instead of manually routing, an application will “tell” the user how to best and most efficiently route to drop off units, route to clean toilets and often will save the driver time.

Some software applications used in the industry for routing are also programmed with the capability to manage inventory, check what is in and out of stock while alerting the user when it is time to re-invest in units, clean units or even schedule maintenance on fleets. If your business is growing rapidly, software allows for managers and business owners to keep track of processes easier as the employee makes a simple input into the program versus taking the time to add and track manually.

Certainly, software is beneficial for many aspects of owning a business, and routing with software can be a great tool to have handy when it is time to explore more efficient ways to go from point A to point B. Software options also allow for companies to use less paper and opt for more efficient planning when servicing toilets and delivery sites.

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Cons of Routing Software

Many businesses in the portable restroom rental industry are split when it comes to a decision on whether or not software is the way to go for routing. Many businesses enjoy their own process when it comes to manually routing, using GPS options like Google Maps and taking in their own inventory.

Investing in software is also investing money in a third party and trusting their process or interpretation or model on how your business should be managed. Some business in the portable restroom rental industry find that the way routing software is programmed doesn’t work for their business.

Another con to using software for routing is that you can be locked in a contract that simply doesn’t work for your business. You either have to break the contract and pay a hefty fee or continue to use a program that doesn’t benefit your company.

As with any company decision, you have options. For some, software works brilliantly! Business owners are able to take a more hands-off role in their company and focus on more creative methods of managing businesses. On the flip side, the portable restroom rental industry is very specific and can be run in a unique way from one business to another. Finding the perfect balance can be achieved!


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