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August 1, 2017
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August 2, 2017

A primary area of focus for portable restroom rental companies is having the cleanest units around. In order to deliver on that promise, it’s essential that every portable toilet is serviced regularly and properly. Luckily, the service process takes less than 10 minutes per unit. Here is a summary of the best process to clean a porta-potty.

Best Process to Clean a Porta-Potty

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Best Process to Clean a Porta-Potty

Step 1: Record the date of cleaning where necessary (service log, unit sticker, etc.)

Step 2: Remove any debris in and around the unit

Step 3: If graffiti is present, apply graffiti removal chemicals and leave them for a few minutes

Step 4: Pump waste from the unit

Step 5: Clean the unit inside and out with a cleaning solution and scrub off graffiti

Step 6: Rinse the unit

Step 7: Restock the toilet with chemical “Blue” and fragrance enhancers

Step 8: Add water to the tank (typically 5 gallons)

Step 9: Restock the unit with supplies (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.)

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