The Benefits of Working Music Festivals
The Benefits of Working Music Festivals
July 2, 2018
Understanding Licenses, Permits and Regulations
Understanding Licenses, Permits and Regulations
July 9, 2018

Music festivals draw large crowds and span multiple days, meaning there is high demand for portable restrooms. As a PRO, you stand to make good money if you are hired to work a music festival. At the same time, there is a lot to consider when making preparations and executing service at the event. There are potential pitfalls that could keep things from going smoothly, and you want to avoid that if at all possible. To help you out, we’ve compiled some tips in this infographic:

Tips for Surviving a Music Festival

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Tips for Surviving a Music Festival

Tip 1: Do your research ahead of time, and make sure you are fully prepared. Confirm:

  • Who the primary and secondary contacts are and how to reach them
  • How to gain access to the site
  • When units need to be delivered, serviced and picked up — dates and times
  • Where units are to be located
  • What issues have been experienced previously (so you can avoid them)

Tip 2: Get a map and scout the site beforehand so you can plan the best routes for your truck(s).

Tip 3: Have emergency and backup plans ready in case things don’t go according to plan. Additional units/services may be needed, routes may need to be changed, etc.

Tip 4: Have multiple employees work the event, if necessary, to keep units clean and stocked. Remember to charge accordingly.

Tip 5: Be prepared to see some weird things like drunk people or people on drugs, and don’t be surprised to find some weird things in the units as a result.

Tip 6: Remain patient and professional, even if other vendors setting up cause delays or concert-goers are obnoxious.

Tip 7: Get feedback after the event to find out what went well and if there were any problems so that you can avoid them next time.

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