How to Create a Business Plan
How to Create a Business Plan
August 5, 2017
History of the Porta-Potty
INFOGRAPHIC: History of the Porta-Potty
August 6, 2017

Special events are big money-makers for portable restroom rental businesses. Because of this, providing excellent service and leaving a positive impression is of the utmost importance. If your service at an event is satisfactory, it will increase your chances of scoring additional high-dollar deals. This checklist will help you put on top-notch events every time.

Special Events Checklist

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Special Events Checklist

Before the Event

  • Get an estimate of expected attendees from venue or event personnel so you can determine the number of units needed
  • Find out when units need to be delivered, serviced and picked up. Remember to charge accordingly for requests that fall outside your standard services
  • Offer add-ons and upsells, pitching them as enhancements to the customer experience. They include handicap-accessible and ADA-compliant units, deluxe units, solar lights, sinks, insurance, additional service, etc.
  • Determine the billing information and terms (prepaid, Net-30, etc.)
  • If you are assigning one or more employees to work the event, go over the event details with them to ensure they understand and meet expectations
  • Drop off units on time and make sure they are all fully stocked

During the Event

  • For multi-day events, thoroughly service and clean all units based on the agreed-upon service schedule

After the Event

  • Pick up units by the agreed-upon time
  • Gather feedback from venue or event personnel to find out what aspects of using your business they enjoyed and, if necessary, what aspects could have been better
  • Make sure event organizers or venue managers have your business card so they can easily contact you for future events
  • Bill for services based on the signed contract

At All Times

  • Keep your brand present by wearing a uniform or company-branded apparel and having the company logo and information on all units and trucks
  • Act professional and deliver the highest levels of customer service

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