INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media: Which Options Are Best?

How Many Units Can Realistically Be Serviced in a Day
How Many Units Can Realistically Be Serviced in a Day?
July 12, 2021

Social media marketing can be a great way to promote your portable toilet business. There are many platforms from which to choose. But this can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s good to have options, but that can also make it difficult to decide what to utilize.

The question of which social media platforms are best for businesses is difficult to answer. It depends on your target market and what you are trying to accomplish. That said, we want to provide some information to help you decide. Below is our infographic that highlights some key aspects and statistics of five of the social media platforms most likely to be used by PROs.

Social Media- Which Options are Best

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Social Media: Which Options Are Best?

Percentage of US Adults That Use Various Social Media Platforms[1]

  • YouTube – 74%
  • Facebook – 68%
  • Instagram – 40%
  • LinkedIn – 25%
  • Twitter – 25%


  • Adults spend nearly 42 minutes on YouTube daily[2]
  • 51% of B2B decision-makers use YouTube to research purchases[3]
  • Pros
    • Videos engage users and keep their attention
    • YouTube videos appear in Google search results
  • Cons
    • The platform is limited to video content
    • High-quality videos can be difficult for some to produce


  • In the US, 73% of all users log in daily and 93% log in at least once a week[4]
  • The average American user spends up to 38 minutes per day on Facebook[5]
  • Pros
    • Most popular social media platform = broad appeal & reach
    • Allows posting of multiple content types: text, videos, images
  • Cons
    • People need to subscribe to page updates to keep receiving them if they don’t engage frequently with the page
    • Decent time commitment is necessary to get the most out of the platform


  • Users spend an average of 30 minutes on Instagram daily[6]
  • 36% of B2B decision-makers use Instagram to research purchases[3]
  • Pros
    • Best social media platform for showcasing photos
    • Integrates with Facebook & Twitter
  • Cons
    • Limited captioning/text capabilities
    • Decent photography skills are required to excel


  • LinkedIn has 15X more content impressions than job postings[7]
  • 33% of B2B decision-makers use LinkedIn to research purchases[3]
  • Pros
    • Best social media platform for professional networking
    • One of the most trusted sources of information for purchasers
  • Cons
    • Fewer users = limited appeal & reach
    • Typically garners less engagement than other platforms


  • In the US, 52% of all users log in daily[8]
  • 93% of people that follow small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter plan to buy from them[9]
  • Pros
    • Allows posting of multiple content types: text, videos, images
    • Good for sharing concise but informative & engaging messages
  • Cons
    • Messaging is limited to 280 characters
    • Chronological timeline posting means it could be easy for people to miss your message










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