How to Incorporate Portable Restroom Rentals Into Your Current Operations

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What Customers Should I Target?
August 11, 2017
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August 11, 2017
How to Incorporate Portable Restroom Rentals Into Your Current Operations

Do you own your own small business? Are you considering integrating portable restroom rentals into your current operations? We don’t blame you! The portable restroom rental industry has seen a huge spike in economic growth and with good reason. Construction is on the rise, events are more frequent and the need for convenient restroom solutions continues to make units better and more user-friendly.

Here are some industries where incorporating portable restroom rentals into current operations is both easy and profitable for a company.

Septic Companies

If you already own a septic company, incorporating portable restroom rentals into your current operations can be as simple as making an investment in the units and supplies needed to maintain the units themselves. The septic truck(s) you already have are what you need for cleaning and maintenance, and more often than not, you will already have a flatbed truck or can invest in a truck with a hitch to take your units to and from events and construction sites. Your septic tank will act as the clean-up and servicing machine. Plus, you and your staff already have knowledge of how septic and waste management work. You may need some training to learn about portable toilets and service requirements for them, but not much.

Septic companies aren’t the only background niche where it makes sense to incorporate portable restroom units into business operations. If you want to start a business from the ground up and want to take advantage of the rapidly growing need for portable toilets, understand that the industry is a business just like any other, with a few exceptions.

Equipment and Party Rentals

Equipment and party rental companies are other great businesses to incorporate portable restroom rentals. Equipment rental companies likely already work with construction companies, and every construction site is required to have a portable toilet. Being able to rent out a portable restroom to someone who will need it in one stop will greatly benefit the customer. Party rental companies can incorporate restrooms in the same way. One of the many things that party rental companies provide is temporary fencing required to zone off areas. Many events that require restrooms also require temporary fencing, so it is a natural fit.

Large local events like fairs and carnivals can easily incorporate units into current operations because these events occur throughout the year and have a citywide audience. Whether the portable restroom rental units are for workers or guests, there is a need to be met.

Garbage and Waste Management

Garbage and waste management companies are additional targets that are already in the waste business and can easily incorporate units into current operations because they have the experience using infrastructure and technology to start and run a company using units. Garbage, recycling and other waste management niches are familiar with the terminology, the guidelines and regulations associated with moving waste from one place to another. For those looking to add units into current operations under waste management company principals, it is an easy and profitable transition.

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Agriculture is a broad industry that encompasses many types of business. Some of them are a natural fit to expand into the portable restroom rental sector.  One example of a business that is in this segment is labor contractors.  These companies have a workforce that they contract out to farmers during their harvest season.  Portable restrooms are necessary for the workers, so it’s a great benefit to the farmers to have strong options from which to choose.

Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators

If you are a wedding planner, event coordinator or are in the sporting event industry, consider adding portable restroom rental capabilities. Instead of going through the hassle of finding a rental company, you can have everything you need under your own roof and profit from renting out units to guests.

Portable restroom rental doesn’t have to be the primary focus of your business, but there are benefits to having it as part of your service offerings. It’s a great way to attract more customers and earn additional money.


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  1. It sure is nice to know that portable restrooms are beneficial to other industries such as party rentals as well as for wedding planners and event coordinators. My fiance and I want to have our wedding reception in an open field and we know that it is quite far from the nearest restroom. Seeing that everyone will need to use the restroom, I’ll get in touch with a company where I can rent portable restrooms from and have it installed close to our reception area.

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