Gather Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business
Gather Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business
June 11, 2018
Tips for Preventative Maintenance
INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Preventative Maintenance
June 18, 2018
Fun Ways to Market Your Business

Don’t bore your clients with a stale marketing approach. Promote your company across all media while building your reputation as a reliable yet hip business. People love sharing and engaging, hence the popularity of social media. By marketing your company in unique ways online while participating in your community, you’ll grow your portable restroom business and make your name stand out. Capture your audience’s attention with these fun strategies to market your business.

Participate in Your Community

Put your brand in front of people by entering your business in a parade. Whether it’s for the 4th of July celebration or Labor Day, dress up a portable restroom unit, secure it to a trailer, and create a float that’ll stick out in people’s memories. Another great way to take part in your community is by donating a rental in exchange for a mention in a local newspaper or advertisement on a flyer. Consider raffling off a unit at the local chili cook-off or another well-known event. Companies with a vested interest in a community develop a reputation of long-term quality.

Use Social Media to Go Viral

Nothing will take you to the top quicker than a viral video. The company Service Sanitation started with a Christmas video and branded hashtag that garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube. Local news stations picked it up and featured the video, which increased their marketing reach. Increase your company’s exposure by creating a video, adding music, and posting it to YouTube. Shorten your video and post to Facebook for even more views. Ask followers to like and share a post to be entered into a drawing. By including your logo and contact information on all video and images, you’ll increase awareness of your company brand without boring your viewers.

Show Your Clients Your Human Side

Clients and prospects relate to your company when you show your human side. Make it fun by adding pictures of your employees at work. Maybe it’s a glimpse into the process of loading units or a weekly photo on the road. Appeal to the animal-lovers by featuring employees with their pets or employees with customers’ pets. Personalize your marketing by featuring your photos in marketing emails, social media, and community flyers.

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Use Customer-Created Content

The newest tactics to market your business involve customer-created content. Start with a Facebook picture contest. Have a competition on your company page that asks people to post a picture of themselves when they find one of your units in the field. Share a funny photo of one of your units or employees and ask for caption ideas. Celebrate the winning caption by creating a poster-size image for display. Ask for client testimonials with a picture of employees and happy customers. Create a hashtag for people to use, then share these photos on your own social media pages. Client-driven content adds life to a typical marketing strategy and offers insight into your market.

The days of bland marketing displays are over. Customers want content that engages, informs, and makes them laugh. Get noticed by trying out different techniques to market your business. Whether it’s a video or quick photo with a client’s pet, add your logo, funny music or a caption, and you’ll extend your marketing reach and create memorable moments at local events. People share content that makes them smile. In return, you’ll notice a boost in brand awareness both online and in your community.


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