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    How does everyone else deal with a competitor giving away their toilets and service?



    That is a great question and one that gets asked quite a bit in the industry. JohnTalk has a couple of resources that you may find helpful:

    How to Deal with Price-Cutting Competitors
    INFOGRAPHIC: Never Defend Price. Always Explain Value.



    You will always have that one competitor who is out to rule the world and try to get every single customer out there, I have one of those in my area. My advice to you is, don’t worry about it. There are more then enough customers out there for everyone. You many lose one here and there but just keep doing your job. This job is already stressful, no need to add to it. Enjoy life and keep moving on.

    If you notice that you are not gaining any new customers, STOP and evaluate what you are doing. How is your customer service? How are you servicing your toilets? Are you capable of servicing your service area? Do you need to cut it back or expand your service area? How can you be different then your competitor? Are you over charging for stuff like, delivery fees, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, graffiti removal, ect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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