Fun Facts About Porta-Potties
INFOGRAPHIC: Fun Facts About Porta-Potties
August 10, 2017
Safety Training & Accident Prevention
Safety Training and Accident Prevention
August 11, 2017

It’s common for customers to say that your prices are too high, but they do this simply to get you to cut them. Don’t do it. Remember, your rates make a statement about your quality. Here are some things you can say to emphasize the quality of your products and service.

Never Defend Price Always Explain Value

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Never Defend Price. Always Explain Value.

  1. “It’s the finest service available.”
  2. “Our prices are too high? Compared to what?”
  3. “We would rather have to apologize once for our rates than for the quality of our service throughout the course of this contract.”
  4. “We believe in excellence.”
  5. “I have the best employees in the area, and I have to pay them that way.”
  6. “We find it’s actually more economical in the long run to use the best units and the most advanced cleaning and deodorizing products. These cost us more than average, but we think you’re worth it.”
  7. “You want only the cheapest service? Aren’t you interested in getting the best value for your dollar?”
  8. “High quality saves you money in the long run. You actually pay less because we give you more for the price. More service, more expertise and more peace of mind. Isn’t that what you’re really interested in?”
  9. “Let me explain to you why our prices are higher than those of other restroom rental companies.”
  10. “We may lose a few customers because of our prices, but no customer will ever leave less than thrilled with the service we provide.”
  11. “We believe you get what you pay for.”
  12. “The appeal of low price is quickly forgotten when you have to deal day after day with the bitterness of low quality.”
  13. “We’re proud of our fees. They reflect the quality of service we provide.”
  14. “We stand by our prices because of the quality we deliver. You’re welcome to talk to companies who offer lower fees.”
  15. “We think if we lower our prices we will become so busy that our quality will suffer. We want to make sure we can spend the time necessary to do the job right.”
  16. “I understand how you feel. Other customers have felt the same way, but they found that the results and service they received were well worth the few extra dollars.”
  17. “What you’re saying is that this is the service level you want for yourself if it can be worked into your budget? Good. Let’s look at some ways you can afford it.”

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