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    I have a small, outdoor wedding venue for weekend summer events. I got a PJN3 for guys and a Comfort XL for gals, handicaps and wheelchairs. They are situated at the top of a small slope with a road at the bottom. I would like to gravity-drain the tanks into the portable tanks in the back of a pickup that I would take to the RV dump. Are there valves that can be put on the bottom of the portajohn tanks that would connect to a drain hose that RVs use?



    Im also interested in the topic. I’d like to buy some portable restroom, but want to do maintenance by myself.
    Is any model with gravity drain valve? I already sent the question by email, still waiting for answer…
    Please reply anybody


    potty animal

    I am pretty sure that it is illegal to haul liquid waste without a proper license. I know that we have to have one in order to run our business. Not sure if there are regulations on limits for people without a license or not. But I do know that PolyJohn has has an RV type valve that can go on the bottom of a waste tank. I would call into one of their reps and ask them about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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