Best Ways to Get Your Message Out to Job Candidates

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Best Ways to Get Your Message Out to Job Candidates

Where do PROs look for new employees? In today’s tight labor market, perhaps the question should be: Where do job candidates look for jobs? Let’s face it; newspaper advertisements aren’t worth the expense to many business owners. Instead, digital channels provide low-cost or free ways to get your message out to applicants.

However, it’s not only about choosing the right platforms. For best results, you also need to customize your wording and appearance according to the channel. Find portable restroom job candidates by developing platform-specific ads, then posting on social media, job boards, and your website.

Use Facebook Posts

Facebook is a great place to start because you can leverage your personal and business contacts while also targeting others in your local area. Each Facebook ad needs an eye-catching image and a strong call to action that tells applicants precisely what to do next.

Personal Facebook page. Send out a message to your friends and family to let them know that you’re looking for a new employee. Change your privacy settings on the post so your family can share it.

Business profile post. Create a series of posts for your Facebook business page. Then, schedule your posts to go out at key times. For as low as $1 a day, you can boost your business post to reach a broader audience.

Community groups. Share your personal or business post in location-specific groups to reach those in your local community.

Find Job Candidates on Other Social Networks

If you’re active on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms, post a message about your portable restroom job opening. Use the same premise as you would for Facebook, except tailor the image size and advertisement length to the network. Don’t forget to tag other employees and ask them to share your post.

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Place Ads on Job Boards and Classified Sites

Although job boards like Monster are pricey, there are lower-cost options. A classified ad on Craigslist or a job ad on Indeed is generally easy to set up. It also allows you to maintain some privacy while looking for job candidates. As in, your email address isn’t out there getting spammed.

  • Craigslist. This is a fantastic channel for local blue-collar job candidates. Most locations require a $10-15 fee, although it can be as high as $75.
  • Indeed. This job board offers a high amount of traffic and free job ads with no credit card required.

Create a Message for Your Website

PROs attract job candidates by placing a banner, popup, or landing page on their website. You’ll draw the attention of clients and prospects who may have a family member or friend looking for a job. Plus, a positive message shows customers that your business is growing and helps build your reputation.

While one platform, like Craigslist, may attract applicants for cleaning or maintaining units, you may need to use a different platform, like LinkedIn when hiring a salesperson. Check out the options for your area, then choose a few that fit your budget and needs. When in doubt, talk to other local business owners and ask where they’ve had success with finding applicants.

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