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Protect Your Investment: Proper Storage, Security and Handling
November 26, 2018
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December 10, 2018
Avoid Losing Business to the Change in Seasons

Along with the predictability of winter comes the inevitable dip in portable toilet rentals. When faced with downtime, many portable restroom operators tighten their budgets, hunker down and prepare for the next busy season. However, there are ways to avoid losing business when the seasons change. PROs who diversify their income streams, focus on winter event promotion and equip a few rentals for cold-weather use buffer their company from seasonal revenue declines. Ongoing promotion and strategic planning prevent a loss during the cold months.

Prep Your Portable Restroom Units for Cold Weather

This time of year, PROs race to winterize their portable toilets for storage and stay ahead of inclement weather and freezing temperatures. It’s likely that most of your units will hibernate for the winter. However, experts suggest winterizing select units or portable restroom trailers for cold-weather use.

New and ongoing construction projects and local events provide opportunities to rent your portable restroom units even in the coldest of months. Depending on your weather and type of unit, there are a variety of ways to protect your rentals from freezing weather conditions.

Consult with your portable restroom manufacturer for the best winterization procedures for your equipment. For example, PROs avoid freezing lines under their restroom trailers by adding skirting for heat retainment, using heaters, and insulating lines.

Search for New Local Winter Events

Operators with a stock of winterized units increase their seasonal income by scouring local event listings for opportunities. Many communities offer town-wide events, like the lighting of a central Christmas tree or holiday parade. Capture this market by prepping your units for cold-weather use and promoting your services.

  • Search local websites and social media posts for upcoming events.
  • Develop a plan of action for contacting each organization.
  • Put your best units forward.

By developing relationships within your community and promoting your business year-round, you’ll avoid the income dip due to the change in seasons. Step into this market and showcase your winter-ready units.

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Diversify to Avoid Losing Business

Broaden your services, products and market to keep a steady flow of winter work. When your primary income source goes into storage, finding alternative revenue streams is crucial. PROs offer services that are required year-round, like event rentals. Other portable restroom operators choose winter-specific services, such as using their skid steer or truck for plowing.

Regardless if your company rents equipment to homeowners for DIY work or party rentals for local functions, promoting multiple streams of income gets you through the lean months. Gear up for cold weather by focusing on marketing your winter services.

Portable restroom operators expect a change in demand over the winter months. However, there’s no reason to focus solely on maintenance and inventory upkeep. Instead, use this time to build your business through diversification into industries insulated from the seasons. Target local organizations and construction companies by highlighting your winterized units. With planning, you’ll avoid a drop in income due to the dropping temperature.


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