INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Cleaning a Large Bank of Portable Restrooms

Proper Billing Procedures
Proper Billing Procedures
August 2, 2017
Portable Sanitation Checklist
INFOGRAPHIC: Portable Sanitation Checklist/Start-Up Kit
August 2, 2017

Let’s assume you’ve been able to land a few special events during your busy season. Many times, events last for just one day, which means you’re able to deliver and pick up the units without too much other work.

Once you get the hang of a few of these events, it’s time for you to take on a multi-day event. County fairs or music festivals are examples of events that occur over several days. These setups will generally have “banks” or groups of portable toilets lined up together. The rule of thumb is that these toilets need to be cleaned each day of the event, and it’s recommended to do so in the early morning. This can be a little intimidating for new business startups or companies experiencing their first big event. To ease your stress, take a look at these tips for cleaning a large bank of portable restrooms.

Tips for Cleaning a Large Bank of Portable Restrooms

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Tips for Cleaning a Large Bank of Portable Restrooms

Tip 1: Be methodical in your approach and focus on one bank at a time. Park your truck near the middle of the bank so your hoses and equipment can reach both ends (if possible)

Tip 2: Pump the waste of each unit you can reach first. Watch out for objects that will clog your hose and make sure you clean out the bottles, cans, garbage, etc. that you will surely come across. Dispose of the items properly; don’t leave the site a mess

Tip 3: If you’re working before the sun is up (which is a harsh reality of this industry), we recommend using a headlamp

Tip 4: After the waste is pumped from each unit you can reach without moving your truck, start cleaning the toilets

Tip 5: Some events are very clean, whereas others can be extremely dirty. Be prepared either way

Tip 6: Add the chemicals and charge of water next. 3-5 gallons of water could be enough for some beer festivals since the waste will be 80% urine (or Bud Lite).

Tip 7: Don’t forget to restock the toilet paper and clean up the mess you may have made by removing trash from the units

Tip 8: If the customer doesn’t provide you with a map of the event layout, consider making one for yourself (Google Earth satellite view is your friend!) Plot out where the banks of units are beforehand so you can cross them off as you clean them. The map will also help next year for deliveries. However, if no map is available then make sure you at least keep a tally

Tip 9: Keep the customers in mind and clean each unit thoroughly

Tip 10: If there are two workers servicing the units, they can alternate cleaning steps without getting in each other’s way. This will speed up the process

Tip 11: Keep in mind that it only takes about 4-6 minutes to clean a typical event unit. In time, you’ll be able to develop an efficient strategy that allows you to get work done faster without sacrificing quality

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  1. Faylinn says:

    It was very interesting that you explained that you should add the chemicals and about 3 gallons of waters for the change of it when you are caring for a portable toilet. My daughter is getting married soon and she told me that she would really like to do the festivities outdoors, so we are trying to find all the things that she will need such as toilets and tents for the guests. I really hope that we will be able to find these types of services in our area that will fit our budget and that will provide us with what we need to make my daughter’s wedding a really special day.

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