INFOGRAPHIC: How to Ensure Timely Payments from Customers

How to Respond to a Customer Who Doesn't Think You Cleaned Units as Scheduled
How to Respond to a Customer Who Doesn’t Think You Cleaned Units as Scheduled
July 16, 2018
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July 19, 2018

As a PRO, you work long hours and put in a lot of sweat to provide customers with the products and service they need for their worksite or event. It can be frustrating when a customer doesn’t pay on time. You rely on that money to keep your business growing and thriving. If this is a challenge that puts a strain on your portable restroom business, consider these ways to ensure timely payments from customers:

How to Ensure Timely Payments from Customers

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How to Ensure Timely Payments from Customers

  1. Perform Credit Checks on New Customers Before Accepting Jobs
  2. Discuss Billing Terms Up Front & Make Sure the Customer Clearly Understands Them
  3. Include the Billing Terms on the Contract
  4. Make Sure the Invoice You Provide Clearly Explains Charges, Due Date(s) and Penalties for Late Payments
  5. Send a Reminder Email or Make a Reminder Phone Call a Few Days Before the Payment Due Date
  6. Consider Adding Remote Payment Processing on Mobile Devices to Make It More Convenient for Customers to Pay Their Bills
  7. Have a Documented Process in Place Detailing How to Deal with Collections. Include Who is in Charge of Contacting Customers and a Timeline of When Contact Should Be Made and What Steps Should Be Taken
  8. Consider Offering Discounts for Paying Early Like 2% Off if Payment is Received 20 Days Before the Due Date. Or, Offer Special Promotions or Sales to Customers Who Consistently Pay Early
  9. Follow Up with Phone Calls and/or Emails if Payment is Past Due
  10. Charge a Late Fee if Payment is Not Received on Time
  11. If the Customer Continues to Withhold Payment After Repeated Reminders, Consider Hiring a Collection Agency or Filing a Lawsuit. However, in Many Cases, the Amount Owed is Not Worth the Fees and Time

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