INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things You are More Than Likely to Find in a Portable Toilet

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August 2, 2017
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Something that’s almost a guarantee when you work in the portable restroom rental industry is that you’ll find things left behind in the units that shouldn’t be there. If you’ve been in the business for awhile, you’ve probably come to expect it and are no longer surprised. However, if you’re new, it’s best to get used to the idea of discovering items in the portable toilets that weren’t there when you dropped them off. Here are 10 things you could — and probably will — find in your portable restrooms at some point.

10 Things You Are More Than Likely to Find in a Portable Toilet

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10 Things You are More Than Likely to Find in a Portable Toilet

10. Garbage – Because finding a garbage bin seems to be difficult for some people.

9. Cell Phones – People lose them everywhere, so why not?

8. Cameras – Don’t look at the photos unless you’re brave.

7. Wallets & Jewelry – You could try to find the owners of items and keep what’s unclaimed. Just make sure you clean it first.

6. Graffiti/Damage – It’s a truly infuriating aspect of working in the portable restroom rental business.

5. Clothing – Because getting a hotel room is too inconvenient and expensive for some people.

4. Fireworks – Porta-potties are frequent targets of pranksters and troublemakers.

3. Drugs/Paraphernalia – Don’t touch it! Call the authorities for removal.

2. Weapons – Again, don’t touch it! Call the authorities for removal.

1. Sleeping/Passed Out People – Sometimes, people look for the closest place of seclusion when they have a rough night.

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