Sick of Cleaning Tip-overs Try These Tips
Sick of Cleaning Tip-overs? Try These Tips…
May 4, 2018
How to Design a Green Workplace
How to Design a Green Workplace
May 4, 2018
How to Network Effectively

As a portable restroom operator, your success relies on future projects. At almost any large gathering or new work site, portable restrooms will be needed. It is for this reason that the importance of networking to the portable restroom industry cannot be overstated. Business relies on making strong connections within your community and market and developing a brand that is recognized and trusted.

Make sure you’ve got your ear to the ground and you’re out there shaking hands. Here are some expert tips on how to network in the portable restroom industry.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Business Card

Despite what some people might think, business cards are not extinct relics of slick movies from the 80s, but are alive, well, and remain highly important! In these times of digital calendars and contact lists, top entrepreneurs still maintain that a business card is the most effective tool to network. Handing someone a business card during a meet-and-greet is far more personal than telling them to look you up, giving an email address, or having them take down your info. It also gives you the opportunity to get your branding out into the world. Have tasteful cards designed that bear your company’s logo and color scheme. When the recipient takes it out of their wallet at a later date, they’ll have a far more personal memory of you and your business.

Seek Out Local Groups and Clubs

Become a member of local trade associations and networking groups and meet business owners, representatives, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. The great thing about your service as a portable restroom operator is that it appeals to so many sections of local commerce. Getting to know people in different areas means they’ll remember you when they need your services or when a friend asks them for a recommendation.

Engage With Your Local Community

Developing an organic presence in your community is all about visibility – turning up. If you’re known as the portable restroom operator who’s involved with the rotary club or sponsoring the little league team, your brand is embedded and far-reaching. When making appearances at community events, make sure you are attentive and professional. People love when you recall their names, so work on this, using word association or a similar system if necessary.

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Get to Know Your Market

Your clients range from event planners to construction, new build, and demo companies. Making connections across these industries is highly crucial to success. Keep an eye on the area events calendar for upcoming building projects. Get out in the field and attend expos and conferences. Book a booth, for example, at a bridal expo and show off your top-of-the-range luxury units. Meet with construction companies and see if they’re interested in long-term unit placements. Likewise, seek out event planning companies to see if they’re looking for portable restrooms for upcoming shows.

To effectively network, the first step is getting your name out there and your face and logo known. Once this is done, it’s all about maintaining your image, professionalism, reputation, and connections. Enhance your presence in your community and seek out associations and other business owners, and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful brand.


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