How to Maximize Your Company’s Opportunities During States of Emergency

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How to Maximize Your Company's Opportunities During States of Emergency

Whether it’s a forest fire, hurricane, or tornado, weather catastrophes can happen anywhere and anytime. There’s no waiting until Monday for disaster assistance. Along with considerations about responding and assisting during a crisis, it’s also crucial to understand how to best maximize your portable restroom company’s opportunities during states of emergency.

Emergency Fleet and Supply Preparations

When a problem strikes, the portable sanitation team that’s ready will snag the business. By preparing ahead of time and staying aware of the ongoing situation, you’ll be positioned to answer the call and immediately jump into action. Develop an emergency checklist for each section of your business so you can easily delegate tasks as needed. 

  • Vehicles and equipment. Ensure that all vehicles and equipment are ready to go in a moment’s notice. Perform any necessary maintenance and check all systems and tires.
  • Fuel, water, and supplies. Review your inventory and double-check your supplies. Then, purchase enough to get you through an emergency.
  • Safety gear. Account for safety protection in each vehicle and employee, including backup water and food provisions.
  • Misc. supplies. Add items that assist your team during a disaster like petty cash, city maps with highlighted evacuation routes, and extra fire extinguishers.

Emergency Action Plan

Along with the basics, your portable restroom emergency plan should note your on-call schedule, local and state contacts, and responsive suppliers. For example, once a state of emergency occurs, you’ll need someone on-call to answer the phones. Many PROs take this on themselves, but extended emergencies can leave owners exhausted. Instead, develop a schedule so that everyone stays well-rested.

Connect with responsive suppliers. Give your primary venders a call and ask about their availability during off-hours and how long a disaster shipment of supplies or units typically takes. Plus, request a direct phone number for urgent needs.

Generate a list for local outreach. Due to the rise in fraud, many cities provide emergency responders with a preferred vender list. Head up to your city hall and find out how to place yourself on this list. Then, create a phone directory of contacts at the local, state, and federal levels.

Talk to local utility companies. Power, gas, and water companies face significant obstacles when it comes to emergencies. Contact these organizations and cultivate a relationship so that in a crisis they know whom to call.

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Emergency Awareness Efforts

Along with emergency preparation, you can take steps to market your company as a trusted resource for portable sanitation services. Do this by participating in different activities at the local and state level and publicizing your involvement. This not only raises awareness about your portable restroom business but also is a great way to network and connect with other professionals in your area.

Different Disasters Have Different Needs

There are many ways that your portable restroom company can provide services to areas affected by an emergency. Prepare accordingly by researching how the needs vary by the disaster. Several organizations offer additional assistance:

Regardless of what crises your local community faces, demonstrate your willingness and ability to be their go-to portable sanitation company. By preparing long before disaster strikes, you’ll be in a key position to take advantage of opportunities without putting your reputation or safety on the line.

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