How to Do Financial Projections
How to Do Financial Projections
August 13, 2017
Watch This Portable Toilet Fly
Watch This Portable Toilet Fly!
August 14, 2017
How to Know When It is Time for a New Truck

Your truck fleet is an important and major investment for your portable restroom rental business. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 trucks, the time will eventually come when it makes more sense to stop repairing your vehicle or vehicles and pull the trigger on purchasing a new truck.

It can be easy to hold onto a vehicle when it is paid off or if you are concerned that your credit isn’t where you’d like it to be, but knowing your truck is an investment and your time and deliveries (which equate to money) are tied up in the success and reliability of a truck, it is worth exploring new avenues.

There are subtle and not so subtle signs your truck is ready to be replaced. You’ll know it is time for a new truck…

When Repair Costs Become Excessive

If you are investing more money repairing your truck, buying replacement parts and getting more than monthly tune-ups, it is probably time to buy a new truck. Each year, it is important to look at the cost of repairs for your fleet and make the decision within your budget if it is the right time to head in a new direction.

At a certain point in your company’s timeline, it makes sense to make a payment on a new truck as opposed to continuously investing in truck repairs. When you are visiting the mechanic shop more than you are job sites, it is probably time to get a different vehicle.

When Your Vehicle is No Longer Safe or Reliable

Safety should be a primary concern as far as your vehicle is concerned. Pumper trucks are incredibly heavy with a center of gravity that can cause a truck to tip over if conditions are undesirable for driving, in the case of an extreme tire blowout, faulty brake pads and more. Additionally, if a truck is unreliable and breaking down before or during a delivery causing an employee to arrive to an event or construction site late, you could potentially lose future business from a potentially great client.

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When You are Extending Your Service Area and Business

When your business is growing and you are covering more ground, your single, solitary truck might be taking a beating as far as mileage and lifespan go. It makes perfect sense to sell your truck and replace it with a newer model if the lifespan of your current model indicates it is time. You will also want to consider buying a new truck if you are re-vamping your brand and buying more vehicles that are potentially a different make or model than your current truck. You wouldn’t want to have one flatbed stand in a different color or model if your goal is to have a uniform fleet going from job to job.

Whether your mileage is dictating a new vehicle or you are simply taking more time fixing your truck than you are actually using it, you’ll know when the lifespan of your truck is up and it is time for a new vehicle. Luckily, you don’t always have to buy a truck new… it is generally well-known in the portable restroom rental industry that used vehicles can be just as reliable as new vehicles depending on the shape they are in. If it is time for your business to make moves and invest in a new look, don’t hesitate to make the investment to further your company’s success.


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