INFOGRAPHIC: How to Find an Employee for Your Portable Restroom Rental Business

Ever Seen a Porta-Potty on Skis
Ever Seen a Porta-Potty on Skis?
August 6, 2017
Information You Need from a New Customer
INFOGRAPHIC: Information You Need from a New Customer
August 7, 2017

Early on, as you establish your portable restroom rental business, you can probably handle your workload all by yourself if you choose. However, as you obtain new customers, grow your fleet and expand your service area, it may become too difficult for you to manage it all. At that point, it will become necessary to find an employee. The process can be intimidating for those who haven’t done it before. To help, here is a list of steps you can use as a guide.

How to Find an Employee for Your Portable Restroom Rental Business

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How to Find an Employee for Your Portable Restroom Rental Business

Step 1: Prepare a Job Description – Clearly define what job functions the new employee will be performing. Identify the days/hours they will be expected to work, the skills they need to possess and other expectations you have.

Step 2: Advertise the Job Opening – There are many places to let people know you’re looking for help: your website, your social media page(s), the classifieds, online job boards, through word of mouth and more.

Step 3: Review Applications/Resumes – Look for applicants who, on paper, meet your qualifications. If they do, keep their information handy for the next step.

Step 4: Perform Phone Interviews with Qualified Applicants – It is common to begin with a phone interview to confirm qualifications. Review the applicant’s background and go through a list of questions pertaining to the job opening to determine if they are a viable candidate. You may also want to discuss their availability to begin work, as well as salary requirements.

Step 5: Perform In-Person Interviews – If the candidate still seems to be who you’re looking for, schedule a time for them to meet with you at your location to go more in-depth with them about what the job entails, and evaluate him or her to confirm their potential with your company.

Step 6: Take the Remaining Candidate(s) on a Ride-Along – A good way to find out exactly what the candidate thinks about the job is to give them a preview. Take them to a service location or two to show them what their day would entail. The enthusiasm they show (or lack thereof) and questions they ask will help you with your evaluation.

Step 7 (Optional): If you want to learn more about the candidate(s), get their permission to run a background check, which will provide you with information like legal history, for example.

Step 8: Select the New Employee – When you’re done evaluating, pick the candidate you believe is the best fit and let them know you are ready to hire them (pending a drug test). As a courtesy, notify the other candidates you brought in to interview that they were not selected but you will be keeping their information on file for future reference.

Step 9: Have the New Hire Take a Drug Test – This will confirm that they don’t have a substance abuse problem that could affect their job performance.

Step 10: Have the New Hire Complete Necessary Legal Paperwork – There are numerous documents that need to be submitted like eligibility to work forms, tax forms, etc.

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