Blue Which Form is Best
INFOGRAPHIC: Blue: Which Form is Best?
March 15, 2018
UV Protection and Color for Your Units
UV Protection and Color for Your Units
March 19, 2018
How to Develop Leaders in Your Company

Have you ever wondered why there are so many leadership training programs, seminars, keynote speakers and networking groups dedicated to building and creating leaders?

According to Entrepreneur, an overwhelming amount of evidence has shown that companies who groom employees into leadership positions outperform their direct competition up to 13 times more in metrics like finances, customer service, product quality, employee morale and customer satisfaction.

If you are ready to develop leaders within your portable restroom rental business and wish to reap the rewards, we have compiled a few tips to follow below to guide you along the way.

Groom Leaders Right Away

Don’t make the mistake of missing the window with your employees. The best possible time to begin training in leadership is as soon as the employee is hired. Get to know your new hire and engage them in what your company is about right away. Talk about expectations and leadership opportunities on day one. Be available for questions, build confidence and make your employee feel welcome.

Hire the Most Qualified and Passionate Employee for an Open Position

Ask yourself upon hiring an employee, “What is this employee good at? What does he/she enjoy?” Your employees will naturally perform at a high level of leadership when they are comfortable in their role(s).
Start right away with a brief conversation about their personality style, hobbies and interests. This will provide important insight into where the employee will thrive.

A great way to test someone’s leadership skills are to give them a little responsibility – maybe have them lock up the gate or lead a safety meeting about a topic they’ve noticed. We would even recommend giving someone the opportunity to cross-train and train new drivers. You could take this a step further and have a leader perform route inspections to ensure your company standards are being met on the route.

Provide Training and Education

Sending employees to leadership conferences, seminars or providing opportunities to watch and follow webinars is another great way to encourage your employees to step into leadership roles. Conferences may be industry-specific, focusing on the portable restroom rental industry or embody personal growth as a whole outside of the industry.

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Make Yourself and Other Leaders in the Company Easily Accessible

Allow your employees to sit with you and other men and women who hold positions of leadership in your company. Holding weekly meetings to discuss upcoming events scheduled should include all employees! This is also a great opportunity for employees to see how leaders operate within the business. A firsthand perspective into how operations, marketing, route and truck maintenance, purchasing, inventory tracking and strategic planning for the year will give employees a different way of looking at the business that will aid their own projects and roles in the future.

Inspire and Provide Support for Your Employees

Keep the workplace fresh, exciting, productive and supportive. During the busy season for events, allow employees to step into new roles and give their co-workers support with transport, set-up or even customer service. As a business owner of a company in the portable restroom rental industry, daily tasks can become mundane or repetitive. Providing constant inspiration and support will create a workplace where employees enjoy working together and with you as their leader.


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