Coronavirus and How It Affects the Portable Sanitation Industry

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Cleaning Procedures During the Coronavirus Outbreak
March 18, 2020
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March 25, 2020
Coronavirus and How It Affects the Portable Sanitation Industry

As communities shut down across the United States, portable restroom operators are feeling the impact. Event cancellations are on the rise, and PROs are attempting to soothe fears over COVID-19.

Your business works closely with bodily fluids every day, so the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is nothing new. Yet, supply chain and financial issues are affecting almost all companies. Learn how to manage the threat of coronavirus and keep your company above water during this pandemic.

Communicate with Your Portable Restroom Staff

Depending on your current situation, your team may be on high-alert or just mildly concerned about coronavirus. However, the information on the novel coronavirus is clear. This isn’t the time for mixed messages. Instead, review your company documents and talk to your team. You’ll want to discuss your:

  • Infectious disease policy according to OSHA standards
  • Sick leave policy for those in quarantine, ill team members, and those caring for family
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 and who shouldn’t come to work

The Center for Disease Control provides many different print resources. These include a chart of symptoms and what to do if you’re sick. It’s a good idea to place these signs in your workplace.

Along with discussing your company policy, it’s vital to reassure your staff that you maintain a safe environment. Talk about ways you’re reducing risk through extra sanitation of your shop and office. Plus, let them know that you’re available to help your crew locate resources during this difficult time, especially if you’re considering furloughing employees.

Talk to Your Supply Reps and Vendors

You may already notice longer shipping times for various supplies. Review your stock and think about your needs over the next 90 days. Then, get in contact with your vendors and suppliers. They may offer information about shortages or provide relaxed timelines for payments.

Maintain Customer Relationships

Many people are facing work closures and event cancellations, resulting in a sense of panic. Reach out to your customers and let them know that you’re there for them. You have an opportunity to build your reputation in the community by being a team player. Along these lines:

  • Consider offering extended payment plans
  • Convey clear messages about your site and service safety measures
  • Help folks reschedule your services for a later date

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Don’t Stop Marketing Your Services

While events are shutting down, medical services and construction may pick up. Reach out to city planners. Speak with local hospitals and health organizations. Let them know your availability and how you can help their business. Other ideas include:

  • Offering touch-free soap and paper towel dispenser upgrades for portable restrooms and sinks
  • Providing mobile and digital payment options for touchless payments
  • Updating customers on social media to alleviate safety concerns

Hunker Down and Stay Safe

There’s no doubt that the economy is in for a tough ride. Portable restroom owners will certainly face many challenges in the days to come. As we see in all emergencies, communities come together. Assert your business as a trusted local company and keep your name in front of potential customers. Then, hunker down and ride out COVID-19. With strong communication and quick action, you’ll position your business to rebound when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

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