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    ◆ Our History
    March 2007, founded Qingdao REACH International Inc.
    Between 2007 and 2010, was the beginning of the company’s start-up. We were active in agrochemicals, feed additives, food ingredients, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.
    Jan. 2010, established branch company REACH Holding Limited, began exporting rubber products and car and truck tyres.
    June 2015, Joint venture to established manufacturer, produce series of biostimulants and organic fertilizers.
    Nov. 2017, we began to import agrochemicals for domestic market.
    2018, we will develop new and quality biostimulant products for future agriculture.
    ◆ Our Factory
    Amino Acid: 1,500mt/year
    Humic Acid: 7,000mt/year
    Fulvic Acid: 3,000mt/year
    Seaweed Extracts: 1,000mt/year
    Chitosan series: 100mt/year
    Microbial Fertilizers: 2,000mt/year
    ◆ Our Product
    Humic Acid
    Fulvic Acid
    Seaweed Extracts
    Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer
    Microbial Fertilizers
    Microelement Fertilizer
    ◆ Product Application
    Agriculture; organic farming; gardening; horticulture; orchard; grassland;greenhouse farming;
    ◆ Our Service
    >Commercial Aspects:
    Customize Manufacturing
    Supply Chain Services
    System of volume based discounts
    Flexible payment terms
    >Product Services:
    Free samples presentation
    Product registration support
    Technological support
    Expert advice on optimal formulations
    Product Specification Sheet (PSS)
    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    >Logistics Services:
    Cargo regional delivery
    Customize service package
    Efficient order handlingHumic Acid